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The Garden Club of Downers Grove 


February 28, 1927


Charter member of

The National Garden Clubs, Inc  - Central Region

The Garden Clubs of Illinois Inc  - District II


Recipient of many National, Regional, State, and District awards.

Nationally accredited members in

Landscape Design Consultants,

Gardening Consultants

Environmental Consultants




Our History

The Garden Club of Downers Grove was founded on February 28, 1927, by a group of women who were members of the Downers Grove Women's Club.  A constitution and bylaws were established, and dues were set at $1.00 per year.  Officers and committee chairmen were elected with Mrs. M. L. Puffer as the first President and Mrs. H. M. Lyman as Wildflower and Conservation Chairman.  The objectives set then remain the same today --  a group that shares the love of gardening, is interested in conservation, has an appreciation of wildlife and the environment, promotes city beautification, embraces and encourages youth through nature programs and scholarships


​In the early years, general meetings were held in members' homes, local churches, Hummer Park Field House, the Morton Arboretum, and even a firehouse.  We moved to the Lincoln Center and then to the Faith United Methodist Church.  Still growing, we are currently located at the American Legion Post 80 in Downers Grove, Illinois.


The club has hosted 24 award-winning Flower Shows since 1960, the latest on July 8, 2017, to celebrate the club's 90th anniversary.  

In 1968, the club held its first major fundraiser. It was held in a local church and consisted of a luncheon and floral design program.  1971, baked goods and a white elephant sale were added.

Today the fundraiser, "A Festive Touch," which was established in 1983  consists of a luncheon, a floral design program, raffle, goodies table, treasures table, and boutique tables (crafts, needlework and fresh arrangements...all the handiwork of club members and friends).  Attendance has grown to over 350 guests.  Proceeds help support the club's programs, scholarships, and community projects throughout the year.

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