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April 26, 2024 2pm

 Fairmount Elementary School

 6036 Blodgett Ave, Downers Grove.

Next to the playground

20210602-01 (2).jpg

Serviceberry Tree

planted at Herrick Middle School 2021

20220429-04 (2) Arbor Day.jpg
Tulip Tree
planted at Whittier School - 2022
American Linden Tree
planted at Gregg House - Westmont, IL  April 28, 2023
Arbor Day 2019.jpg

Amelanchier Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance'

planted at Herrick Middle School - 2019

White Oak Tree planted in

Constitution Park at

Lincoln Community Center - 2017

Arbor Day 2018.jpg

Shingle Oak Tree planted in cooperation with the

Downers Grove Park District in the "Triangle" park

at Blodgett and Elmwood Avenues - 2018

Japanese Tree Lilac planted at

Herrick Middle School - 2016


"Each generation takes
the earth as trustees.”
-- J. Sterling Morton

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