A project is a major undertaking involving member participation and the club's financial support

for the purpose of furthering one or more objectives of National Garden Clubs, Inc.,

The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc., and The Garden Club of Downers Grove.



The Civic Development committee works with local agencies for the beautification of town areas.  They designed, planted, and maintain both the Blue Star Marker Memorial Garden and the Elizabeth Rigsby Memorial Garden located in the Main Street Historical Cemetery in downtown Downers Grove.  They planted and maintain gardens at the American Legion Memorial in the Maple Grove Forest Preserve and at the American Legion Post 80 Headquarters building in Downers Grove where a new Blue Star Marker was installed in 2018.  In addition, the committee designed, restored, and maintains the 1930s-style garden at the Gregg House Historical Museum in Westmont.

Am Legion.jpg

American Legion Patriotic Garden

Blue Star Marker Memorial Garden

in Main Street Cemetery

Maple Grove Memorial Garden

Gregg 2019.jpg

Gregg House Museum Garden

Elizabeth Rigsby Memorial Garden

in Main Street Cemetery


"Last Straw" Event at Gregg House Museum Garden




The work of the Plant, Fruit, and Flower Guild began May 23, 1930.  Club members delivered flowers to the tubercular ward of Cook County Hospital.  From May until October, boxes of flowers as well as fruits, vegetables and jellies were delivered weekly to the hospital.  Over the years, the work of the guild gradually changed.  In 1978, the name was changed to Garden Therapy and emphasis was placed on serving local nursing homes.  Currently the committee shares plants and flower arranging skills with residents at Providence in Downers Grove and Westmont Manor in Westmont.  Projects and programs are designed to encourage resident participation and geared toward their basic senses.  Committee members love to build community in the nursing homes by ending their visits with a story and songs Activities are planned for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, with garden planting in spring.  


Providence Committee

Westmont Manor Committee




Annual scholarships are offered to Masters/Doctoral candidates at the University of Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.  Currently four are offered at $2,000 each.  In addition, an annual $1,000 scholarship is offered to a Horticulture student at College of DuPage, and an annual $500 scholarship is offered to a club member or family member for continuing studies in horticulture or floral design.